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Welcome to Glenn Childers Golf

picture of GlennWelcome to my website, GlennChilders.Com. I am the Director of Golf at Memorial Park Golf Course in the middle of Houston. I have been at Memorial Park over 19 years.

I provide online handicap services for all golfers. You do not have to be a regular golfer at Memorial Park, although we want you to come play!

I provide private lessons and group lessons to golfers of all abilities. I have worked with tour players as well as beginners who have never picked up a club. You can buy gift certificates for any amount of lessons. I always suggest people start with at least three lessons. I strongly discourage taking one lesson as anyone taking one lesson is only getting bandaids. I am not willing to do this and will direct those golfers to other teachers. I get very excited when I have a student that works hard on their game and improves! I have been known to spend extra time with someone who I know is trying to improve and is willing to do the work. You are paying me for the knowledge and experience of over 29 years teaching! I am responsible for giving you the knowledge of what to do, techniques for doing it, and checkpoints to know whether you are swinging the club correctly. There is nothing you do in your golf swing that I have not seen. You are the one that must implement the drills and practice necessary to improve. I will help you along that path!

Christmas Gift Certificates!

Golf Lessons Make The Best Christmas Present!

Get your golfer a series of lessons for Christmas!  If you have someone you want to turn into a golfer lessons are a great way to get them started!

Click Here for gift certificates.  

2018 GHIN Handicap Renewal

Click Here to renew your GHIN Handicap For 2018.

 Now is the time to renew your GHIN Handicap for the 2018 year!

First Time Establishing GHIN Handicap

First Time GHIN Handicap Registration Click Here

If you have not had a GHIN Handicap before now is the time!